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Cable ampacity simple algorithm

According to the equipment's power, calculated after total power, I=P/U according to the formula by a factor of 0.85 ~! 2 if trouble is a kilowatt amps of current ~! Is the most common, which includes throwing the current capability. 1KW=2A

Also has methods for selecting cable according to current calculations, the simple selection algorithms given below using aluminum wire project.

Ten-5:100 under 2:253543 and 70,952 times times ~! This is the formula

Ten square millimeter BLV line currents can carry five times times the diameter of ~!

BLV line 100 mm above twice times the current carrying wire.

25mm2 and 35mm2 BLV current carrying 4 times and 3 times times the line.

70mm2 and 95mm2 's current capacity is 2.5 times times the diameter.

In addition to this content, copper wire in accordance with aluminum upgrade multiple count, that is BV-10mm2 according to the current BLV-16mm2 is also the case in other

Wires run in plastic pipe or PVC pipe, currents calculated multiplied by a factor of 0.8

Wire in case of wear steel, calculation of current is multiplied by 0.9

Place wire in high temperature by calculating currents result in multiplied by 0.7

If the wire in three of these cases have directly at 0.85 x 0.9 x 0.7 or or

Cable in core-four or five-core current x 0.85 in x 0.7

Bare wires overhead power line is relatively simple is a factor of 0.9, but also depends on the environment, compared to 85 percent sure.

When selecting cables, to select cables according to use

Like normal YJV cable used in cable trays. Armored cable can be buried, can withstand a force of destruction, with armored tensile cable to try and high-rise buildings, buried.

If I say that these don't understand 35KV electrical engineering book, cables, electrical, there was general models, and electrical equipment.

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