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Cable insulation breakdown caused by several reasons and treatment methods

One is mechanical damage.

Due to the heavy hit cable excavator accidentally fire cables, installation cable bend ambassadors insulation hurt, shipped the cables are squeezed and the insulation and protective layer is damaged, due to the settlement of direct-buried cable at the bottom tension is too large, and are causing injury to the insulation, cable, is breaking even. Avoid mechanical damage of the cable can be used for overhead cable, if the cable is laid along the wall should be covered, underground should be clearly identified and promptly stopped close to the cable ground.

Second, improper construction.

Due to poor construction methods and the use of materials of poor quality, enable cable head and middle of the weak link fails, causing the insulation to be penetrated. To prevent this phenomenon, should improve the quality of installation of the cable head, in first cable production, installation process, insulated bags to close, not in space. Before the epoxy resin and silica powder, should be rigorously dry, air bubbles and water cannot enter the cable ends, and strengthen the lead edge of the sheath insulation.

Three are insulated from moisture.

Due to poor construction technology of cable head, the moisture intrusion cable, or cable sheath damage and into the water. Lead sheathed cables close to the source, due to vibration and fatigue cracking. Cable produce skin corrosion cavity. Because of the bad quality, have holes or cracks in the lead Pack. In view of this, should strengthen the maintenance of cable outer, outer sheath painted a layer of asphalt on a regular basis.

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