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Development and application of power cable in the industry

People's daily life and work have become increasingly inseparable from the use of electricity, electricity is closely linked with our life, while also giving us a lot of convenience; power cable, as its name suggests is used to transmit high power electric cable, line is mainly used in the underground power grid, power stations and so on.

It is well known that power cable is by core, insulating layers, masking layers and layer composition. Among them, the conductor's role is to transport electricity, is the main component of electric power cable; insulating layer is used to protect power transmission, are also important components.

At present, the growing share of the cable used in the power lines, electric power has been widely used. Power cable has a lot of advantages, such as little floor space, often laying indoor, tunnel, River and sea, and so on; high reliability and performance is safe and stable, less susceptible to adverse environmental impacts; larger capacitance and so on.

Cable industry is China's second largest industry, in the domestic market share of more than 90%, is the world's largest cable producer. Along with the increasing number of cable companies in the country, coupled with the power industry, such as transportation and manufacturing scale continues to expand, growing market demand for cable, but also put forward higher requirements for cable technology.

The rapid economic development, allows us to continuously improve the quality of life, but also led to many industries to develop and grow. Cable industry is no exception, the domestic environment to the cable industry provides a lot of opportunities and development space, and of course there are challenges, such as in recent years, with high copper prices, the domestic cable businesses kept down profits.

The changing face of the industry and the market demand and development of domestic cable business to change development patterns in the past, enterprise restructuring and upgrading. Of course, the cable industry is also facing a number of problems, such as low production, lack of high-end products enterprise innovation is not strong, the lack of investment in research and development of new products; cable price increases of raw materials, resulting in decreased profits, fierce competition, and so on.

Fire causes

Cable used improperly, can cause fires and explosions, will give the property and personal security of people posed a great threat. So we need to check in daily use cable led cable fire for many reasons, such as insulation becomes damaged overloaded, cable, cable head damage or burn, near combustible materials, and so on.

Precautionary measures

In order to prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion, causing unnecessary harm, we should take some preventive measures. For example, choose to buy stability and meet the thermal stability of the cable, try not to let the cable to work excessively, regularly check the cable and the cable head is abnormal, the cables to maintain ventilation in the tunnel, not debris piled up in particular the flammability of materials, and so on.

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