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Difference between copper cables and aluminum cable

Creep, and reduce maintenance costs; good fatigue strength, bend not break under high temperature conditions, resistance stability compared with copper, Guangdong Hua Yang aluminum cable extension improves over 30%, Flex-back 40%.

Most notably in the carrying capacity of the same case, aluminum copper conductor cable weighs only 1/2 of the weight, the corresponding transport and installation costs can be saved, reducing equipment and cable wear.

In addition, copper and aluminum cable connection stability as well.

1 electric conductivity: the conductivity of the aluminium is the most commonly used base material copper IACS 61.5%, 79% of the carrying capacity of copper, than the pure aluminum standard.

2, creep resistance: aluminum alloy conductor material and annealing treatment reduces the conductor under the heat and pressure of "creep", as opposed to pure aluminum, creep resistance up to 300%, avoiding the problem due to cold flow or creep relaxation.

3, tensile strength and elongation: aluminum conductor than aluminum conductor, because of special components and the use of a special processing techniques, which greatly improves the tensile strength and elongation rate increased to 30%, use a more secure and reliable.

4, coefficient of thermal expansion: thermal expansion coefficient used to calculate the change in temperature of material size changes. Coefficient of thermal expansion of aluminium alloys with copper, aluminum connector has been reliable over the years for copper and aluminium conductors, and most of the electrical connector in use today are made of aluminum, it is particularly suitable for aluminium alloys. Aluminum conductors and connectors are fully matched by expansion and contraction.

5, strong weight bearing capacity of aluminum alloy to improve the tensile strength of pure aluminium, aluminium cable can support weight of 4000 meters length, copper cable can only support 2750 m. This advantage in large-span building (Gymnasium) reflects especially when wiring.

6, the inherent corrosion resistance of corrosion resistance of aluminum from when the aluminum surface and forming a thin solid oxide layer when exposed to the air, this oxide coating particularly resistant to all forms of corrosion. And added to the alloy of rare earth elements to further improve corrosion performance of aluminum alloys, especially electro-chemical corrosion. Aluminum can withstand the harsh environment due to its characteristics, are widely used in tray cable conductors, as well as many industrial components and containers. Corrosion usually with different metals in wet conditions to the connection, you can use the appropriate protective measures to prevent the occurrence of corrosion, for example, used lubricating oils, antioxidants and protective coating. Alkaline soil and certain types of acid soil environment on corrosion of aluminum have larger, so buried aluminum conductors should use insulation or molded sheath to prevent corrosion. In sulfur environments, such as railway tunnels and other similar places, the aluminum alloy corrosion-resistant performance is much better than copper.

7, flexibility and has good bending properties of aluminum alloys, alloys of its unique formulation, processing, flexibility increased. Aluminum higher flexibility than copper 30%, anti-40% elastic than copper. The bending radius is 10~20 times the outer diameter of the copper and aluminum cable bending radius of only 7 times times the outer diameter, more terminal connection.

8, armored character used armored cable, steel tape armored, the security level is low, external destructive power, its poor defensive ability, prone to breakdown and weight, installation costs are fairly high, combined with poor corrosion resistance, long service life. Aluminum Lian Suokai mounted between its chain structure, ensure the cable can withstand the destructive power of strong, even when the cable under great pressure and impact, cables have not been penetrated, improving safety performance. Armoured cables simultaneously isolated from the outside world, even if at the time of the fire, armored layer improves the level of flame resistant cables, reduce the risk of fire. Aluminum alloy with armoured steel tape armor, its light weight, laying facilities, bridge-free install, reduces the installation costs of 20%~40%. Depending on the use you can choose a different outer sheath layer, making more extensive use of armored cable.

9, and tight pressure characteristics single from volume conductivity rate aspects consider, aluminum than copper, through maximum limit of tight pressure, can make up aluminum in volume conductive rate Shang of insufficient, makes twisted collection conductor line core truthfully heart conductor General, obviously of reduced line core od, improve conductive performance, in equal contains flow situation Xia conductor od only than copper cable big 10%.. 5 times times Shi, its electrical performance same, that achieved has and copper same of contains flow, and resistance, and and voltage loss.

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