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How IR Repeater Systems Work

IR Repeater System Components

What are the usual components of an IR Repeater System and what do they do?

The Target

The Target, often called an "IR receiver", receives the modulated IR light waves transmitted from your remote controller and converts them to electrical signals for distribution or extension.

The Connection Circuit or "Connection Block"

The way in which the receiver(s), emitter(s) and power supply are interconnected. This can all be wired together with or without any kind of terminal strip or manufactured connection block, or with such products. Using a connection block results in a system that is easier to expand and reconfigure.

The Emitters

The Emitter sometimes called an "IR bug", "IR blaster", or "IR flood" is the device that converts the electrical signal back from the distributed electrical signal to a modulated Infrared band light signal which is then retransmitted by light waves to the IR controlled device, such as a DVD player, Receiver or Display. IR Bugs are attached on the receiving device directly over the devices IR receiver port. IR Floods are high output emitters placed in front of several devices to emit signals to all of the devices from one emitter device.

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