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How to choose a qualified drum cables

Cable reel cable reel winding system used is named

Reel cable in addition to performance, durability, as well as other basic requirements to match the device out, the most important basic features are: can withstand prolonged bending movement, the anti-excellent characteristics, especially rolling pressure resistance and wear resistance characteristics of high currently is able to understand what is "rolling resistance" manufacturers are few. Due to reel of work principle for rotating, and received line, and put line, reel itself General for constant tension retractable, for cable of tensile strength has high of requirements, plus received volume cable for single road cascade or more road cascade, cable itself resistance extrusion of performance better, cable core by extrusion led to deformation is must of, problem is all of deformation to on cable of effect reduced to minimum is need research of, currently of reel cable basic problem is broken core and nursing sets cracking and anti-Zhang wire rope extrusion broken insulation layer led to cable work pause. Therefore, the reel of cable conductor material flexibility ageing, insulation materials, the tensile resistance, core portfolio, collocation, winding of auxiliary materials or sheathed in protective, outer sheath of shielding requirements and materials and requirements, these essence different from the flexible cable is.

Current cable reel off cores and crack problems that plague users of the main points:

1, conductor breakage

Reason: poor quality, improper Litz, conductor cable combination is not standardized;

2, conductor into an adjacent wire core

Reason: a few conductors of brittle fracture to form rigid conductor;

3, shield layer of wire into the wire core

Reason: a, weaving or Twining wire terminal handled improperly;

B, poor resistance to twisting of the cable and braid their own breaks;

C, insulation material hardness difference;

4, skin cracking worn

Reason: lack of poor material selection and processing, oil resistance, bad weather.

Hot conductors, insulation breakdown and poor anti-jamming performance, and is not a technical problem but a problem of all practitioners;

In fact, drum cables designed and manufactured, not just imitating the import (import the unreasonable design) and sample such primary cognitive aspects, more in depth understanding of the principles and practical applications of Web environment, quality cables at least got off to a good start.

Drum cables glimpse its qualities as follows:

1, (double-sheathed) was definitely not into the Web, life is very short, in cable ports can be easily deformed hand can't use;

2, (combination cable clutter) core diameter, you cannot balance cable bending and tension ever-present intensity stress leads to a root core fracture;

3, (auxiliary material error) reel in order to increase flexibility and tensile strength of the cable must be accessibility features to help, such as just regular slow drag chain cables and ribs in the unreasonable position, cable still can't afford its due responsibilities;

4, (sheathed manufacture sleeve type) is in principle fixed cable inner sheath-core, if manufactured using casing or uneven, also make cables running deviation and the due role reel cable wrap cable core and loose jacket, that is the product of quality concerns. The general use of elastomers, process control in place of PU, rubber-like common problem: deformation of the cable conductor insulation and sheathed dehiscence longitudinal and transverse cracking

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