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How to choose the right drag chain cables

Drag chain cables, named after the name that is used in the drag chain.

Drag chain cables in addition to the performance, durability, as well as other basic requirements to match the device out, the most important basic features are: can withstand bending movement and safeguard work for a long time.

Because there may be oil in the towline and other conduits (water, gas, etc), compared with conventional cable also requires oil resistance and tensile strength, make sure that the cable is working properly.

Drag chain cable design, manufacture, the vast majority of principle and General cable close to, is different: conductor material flexibility, insulation materials, the tensile resistance of aging, combination of core, auxiliary materials, mix, stretch or sheathed in protective, outer sheath of shielding requirements and materials and requirements of these differ from the conventional cable is.

Current problem mainly is the conductors in the cable drag chains breaking and cracking skin –

1, conductor breakage

Reason: poor quality, inadequate stranded, cable combination is not standardized;

2, conductor into an adjacent wire core

Reason: a few conductors of brittle fracture to form rigid conductor;

3, shield layer of wire into the wire core

Reason: 1, weaving or Twining wire terminal when not handled properly;

2, poor resistance to twisting of the cable and braid their own breaks;

3, poor insulation hardness;

4, skin cracking

Reason: lack of poor material selection and processing, oil resistance, bad weather.

Hot conductors, insulation breakdown and poor anti-jamming performance, are conventional cables make the same mistakes.

In fact, drag chain cables are not varieties of high-tech content, only practitioners products extremely seriously.

Cognitive drag chain cables just a few can understand its quality. Is as follows:

1, (double-sheathed) was definitely not into the chain, very short-lived;

2, (combination cable clutter) core diameter, it is impossible to balance the bending stress leads to a root core fault;

3, (auxiliary material error) drag chain cables in order to increase flexibility and mechanical strength, accessibility features are generally needed to be functional, such as conventional cable only narrow lay, is exhaustive;

4, (sheathed manufacture sleeve type) is in principle fixed cable inner sheath-core, if manufactured using casing or uneven, also make cables running deviation and the due role than even wrapped cable core

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