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Mineral what are the advantages of cable

1) fire performance

As inorganic minerals cables are all adopted, and it itself will not cause a fire, combustion or combustion impossible, does not produce toxic fumes, even if there's fire burning outside, cable is still working. Fires when cleared, cable replacement, is a real fire cables, provides foolproof assurance for fire lines, adopted the test International Electrotechnical Commission IEC331.

(2) current carrying capacity

Due to normal use temperature mineral insulated cables can be up to 250 ℃. IEC60702 provides mineral insulation cable continuous work temperature is 105 ℃. This is consider to Terminal sealed material and security need. even such, it of closure volume also far over other cable, because magnesium oxide powder has than plastic better of conductor coefficient, so also of work temperature, closure volume more big, for 16mm above of line, can reduced a section, on not allows people contact of place, can reduced two a section.

(3) waterproof, explosion-proof, corrosion-resistant

Since the cable is sheathed low smoke halogen-free flame retardant high materials with high corrosion resistance (plastic outer sheath is needed on individual chemical corrosion of occasions), conductor, insulation and sheath the compact between the three entities. Thus making it not only to prevent water and moisture, oil and chemicals against, making it practical for there is danger of explosion and explosion-proof equipment, equipment for connection.

(4) the overload protection

Line overload, plastic cable because of a current or overvoltage caused by insulation heating or breakdown. Mineral insulated cables, as long as the temperature of the fever are not up to the melting point of copper, cable will not be damaged. Even momentary breakdown, magnesium oxide high-temperature breakdown point will not form carbides. After overload removal, cable will not change, will be able to continue normal use.

(5) the high operating temperature

Due to the insulating layer of MgO melting temperature well above the melting temperature copper, thus the cable up to normal operating temperature up to 250 ℃. short can be close to copper's melting temperature 1083 ° c under continue to operate.

(6) shielding performance

Copper sheath of the cable is the best shield protective layer, to prevent disturbance to other cables the cable itself, and prevents the external magnetic field on its own interference.

(7) long service life

Cables made up of inorganic materials, which never grows old, the lowest age reaches more than a century. May be associated with a device and the cable transfer or transmission line renovation and re-Assembly and disassembly, reuse.

(8) the outer diameter is small, light weight

And compared to the custom plastic cable, mineral insulated cable diameter decreases 50%, weight 30%, can reduce the occupied space, and easy to install.

(9) high radiation

Because the cable materials are inorganic, with effective neutron capture cross section, and maintain a very high insulation resistance, thus suffering from radiation, electrical and mechanical properties of the cable will not be saddled with any changes.

(10) safety and environmental protection

Because the cable materials are inorganic, does not contain any organic matter, thus the cable even at 1000 ℃ above BBQ or placed on copper destructive flames, does not produce any smoke, no chimney, and toxic gases. The cables are truly green, no "secondary disasters" of security products.

(11) the resistance to mechanical damages

Due to cable of metal nursing sets has must of strength and toughness, magnesium oxide in cable processing process in the is after height compression of, so cable in suffered bent, and pressure flat, and reverse Deng deformation Shi, core line and nursing sets Zhijian of instead location keep not variable, not produced short-circuit, also not effect electrical performance, in cable od deformation to two-thirds of situation Xia still can normal work.

(12) good bending properties

After fully annealed, the cables, a common plastic cable can't compare bendability. Minimum bending radius of only 3-6 times the cable diameter and can be repeated and repeated bending.

(13) a good grounding

Mineral insulated cables, due to the extremely low continuity and sheathed grounding resistance. can be used as a grounding conductor, no separate grounding wire is required.

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