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Sort and application of wire and cable

1. What are the common wire and cable by purpose categories? Answer: can be classified by use bare wire, insulated wire, heat-resistant wires, shielded wire, power cables, control cables, telecommunication cables and radio-frequency cables.

2, insulated wire and what kind? Answer: often insulated wires of one of the following: PVC insulated wire, PVC wire, nitrile PVC compound insulated wire, rubber insulated wire, farm underground straight buried aluminum core plastic insulated wire, rubber insulated, cotton yarn of textile cords, PVC insulated nylon sheathed wire, PVC Insulated flexible wire for power and lighting, etc.

3, cable tray is suitable for any occasion? Answer: indoor and outdoor overhead cable trays suitable for industrial and mining enterprises laying power cables, control cables, can also be used in indoor and outdoor sectors such as telecommunications, radio and television to set up.

4, cable accessories are there? A: the attachments are commonly used indirect cable junction boxes, cable box, connecting pipes and terminals, steel connection Groove, cabling trays, and so on.

5, what is the cable joints? A: the connection cables and conductors, insulation of the cable shielding and protective layer, so that the cable connected device, known as the cable joints.

Wire and cable applications

1, power systems

Power system used in wire and cable products are mainly bare overhead wire, bus (bus), power cable (cables, plastic paper power cable (Basic is replaced by plastic power cable), rubber-sheathed cable, overhead insulated cable), cable (replacing part of the bus), wire and electrical equipment such as electric wire and cable equipment.

2, information transmission system

Wires and cables are mainly used for information transfer system telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cables, RF cables, fiber optic cables, data cables, wire, electric communication or other composite cables.

3, mechanical equipment, instrument systems

This section apart from the bare overhead wire and almost all other products are applied, but the main power cable, wire, data cables, instrumentation cables, and so on.

Wire and cable products are divided into five categories

1, the bare wire and conductor products

This class products of main features is: pure of conductor metal, no insulation and the nursing sets layer, as steel core aluminum twisted line, and copper aluminum Confluence row, and power locomotive line,; processing process main is pressure processing, as melting, and pressure extended, and pulled business, and twisted collection/tight pressure twisted collection,; products main with in suburb, and rural, and user mainline, and switch cabinet,.

2, power cable

This product features: squeezing out of the conductor (around) the insulation layer, such as aerial insulated cables, or several cores (power system line, neutral and ground), such as two or more core insulated overhead cables, or increase the shield layer, such as plastics/rubber covered wire and cable. Main technology of drawing, stranding, insulation extrusion (wrapped), cable sheathing, sheath extrusion and so on, various combinations of products of different processes have some difference.

Products are mainly used in hair distribution, transmission and transformer, electric power transmission in the power supply line through the current (dozens of safety to thousands of security), high voltage (220V to 500kV and above).

3, electrical equipment, wire and cable

The class products main features is: varieties specifications range, application range widely, using voltage in 1kV and the following more, face special occasions constantly derivative new of products, as refractory line cable, and flame retardant line cable, and low smoke no halogen/low smoke low halogen line cable, and anti-termite, and anti-mouse line cable, and resistance oil/Hardy/resistance temperature/wear line cable, and medical with/agricultural/mine with line cable, and thin-walled wire,.

4, communications cable and optical fiber (brief description)

Along with more than 20 years, the rapid development of the communications industry, the product also has the amazing speed of development. From the simple telephone and Telegraph cables to thousands of pairs cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables, combined communications cable.

The product size is generally smaller and uniform, manufacture of high precision.

5, wire (wire

Mainly used for all kinds of electrical, instrumentation and so on.

Derivatives/wire and cable products

Derivatives/wire and cable products are mainly for applications, application requirements and equipment of convenience and reduced equipment costs and other requirements, and the use of new materials, special materials, or to change the product structure, or process requirements, or combine the products of the different varieties produced.

Using different materials such as flame-retardant cable, low smoke/zero halogen low smoke and low halogen cable,-and termite-proof mouse cables, oil/cold/heat resistant cable and so on;

Change the product structure, such as: fire-resistant cables;

Enhance technological requirements such as: cables for medical use;

Combination products such as: OPGW, etc;

Easy installation and reduced equipment costs such as prefabricated branch cable.

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