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Wire and cable production

One. Wire and cable manufacturing process characteristics:

1. Length continuous superposition composite production

Continuous stack combination production, impacts are global and control of wire and cable production, which involve and affect:

(1) the production process flow and equipment layout

Workshop equipment must be reasonable process flow of emissions according to the products, semi-finished products of various stages, sequential flow. Device configuration to consider production efficiency and capacity balance, some devices may have to configure two or more computers, to make the production capacity of the balance. Equipment selection of composite manufacturing site and layout must be balanced according to the products and production into account.

(2) the production organization and management

Production organization and management must be reasonable, careful and accurate, rigorous and meticulous, the operator must be meticulously executed in the process, problems with any link, will affect the process smooth, affect product quality and delivery. Particularly multi-core cables, short a line or a unit, or a quality problem, the cable is long enough, causing scrapped. Conversely, if a unit length is too long, you must cut waste.

(3) quality management

Continuous stacking combinations of production, make any link in the production process, the instant one-point problem, it will affect the whole cable quality. Quality defects occurred in the inner layer, and there is no time to terminate production, causing a greater loss. Because production differs from the Assembly of wire and cable products, can be taken apart rebuilding and replacing parts; wires and cables or any part of the process of quality problems, this cable is almost irreversible and irreparable. Subsequent processing is very negative, either cut short or degraded, either scrap the whole cable. It was unable to open the reload.

Wire and cable management, must be through the entire production process. Quality control and Inspection Department of the entire production process inspection, people self test operation, and process interoperability, this is to ensure product quality, an important guarantee for improving economic efficiency and means.

2. Production category, large material flow

Wire and cable manufacturing process involved a wide wide range, from the smelting and pressing of nonferrous metals, plastics, rubber, paints and other chemical technology; fiber wrap, knitting and other textile technology, wrapped metal and metal strips longitudinally wrap the metal forming, welding process, and so on.

Wire and cable manufacture used by the various materials, not only types, varieties, specifications, and large in number. Therefore, the material, extra, batch cycle and quantities must be approved. Meanwhile, the decomposition of waste treatment, recycling, reuse and waste disposal, as an important part of management, material management, emphasis on conservation.

Wire and cable production, from raw materials and auxiliary materials, storage of access, the process flow of semi-finished products to products storage, factory, material flow, reasonable layout, dynamic management.

3. Special equipment

Wire and cable manufacturing with the industry's technical characteristics of production equipment, to fit the structure of cable products, performance requirements, meet the requirement of continuous and high-speed production as possible, thus forming a dedicated cable manufacturing equipment. Plastic extrusion machine, cable machine, stranding machine, wrapping machine series.

Wire and cable manufacturing technology and equipment development is closely related to each other. New process requirements, promote the development of new equipment and in turn, the development of new equipment and enhance the promotion and application of the new technology. Such as drawing, annealing, extrusion tandem line physical foaming production line, such as special equipment, promotes the development and improvement of wire and cable manufacturing process, which improves the product quality and production efficiency.

Second, wires and cables of the main process

Wire and cable are: metal, twisted, covered three processes to produce complete, model specification is more complex, higher the repeatability.

1. Drawing

In the processing of metal pressure. in the external force of the metal under forced through a die (roller), metal cross sectional area is compressed, and obtains the required cross-sectional area of the shapes and dimensions of technical processing method called metal drawing.

-Drawing process: singlewire drawing and stranding.

2. Twist system

In order to improve the electric wire electric cable (yichu cable Web site) the overall degree of softness, and allow more than 2 single, according to the directions provided are intertwined is called twisted.

Twisted pair technology: twisted conductor system, cable, woven cable ties, wire and Twine.

3. Coated

Wire and cable according to different performance requirements with special equipment in the outer coating of the conductors of different materials. -Coating:

A. Extrusion: rubber, plastics, lead, aluminum and other materials.

B. Longitudinal bundle: rubber, corrugated-aluminum materials.

C. Wrap: a strip of paper tape, MICA tape, e-glass fiber, non-woven cloth, plastic, thread-like fibers such as cotton, silk material.

D. Coating: varnish, asphalt

Three, plastic wire and cable manufacturing process

1. Copper, aluminum singlewire drawing

Commonly used copper wire and cable, aluminum rods, at room temperature, drawing machine by one or few die of drawing die, increased to reduce cross-section, length and strength. Drawing is the first wire and cable company procedures, drawing die technology is the main process parameters.

2. Single wire annealing

Copper, aluminum filament heated to a certain temperature, recrystallization method to improve monofilament toughness, reducing the strength of filament, to meet the requirements of wire and cable of conductive wire core. Annealing processes key to prevent the oxidation of copper wire.

3. Twisted conductors

In order to improve the flexibility of wire and cable, for easy installation installation, conductor single core cables wires twisted together. From the conductive core stranded form, can be divided into regular twist and irregular stranded. Irregular stranded into bundles twisted, concentric double strand, special twist.

In order to reduce the area occupied, reduce the geometric dimensions of the cable of the wire, stranded conductors used to squeeze and make round mutates into a semicircle, fan-shaped, w-shaped and pressed round. Such conductors are mainly used in electric power cable.

4. Insulation extrusion

Plastic wire and cable used with extruded solid insulation, insulation extrusion of plastic main technical specifications:

4. 1. Eccentricity: extruded insulating value is compatible with the extrusion process thickness deviation an important indicator of the level, structure and most of the products are clearly stipulated in the standard deviation value.

4. 2. Smoothness: extruded insulating layer's surface should be smooth and may exhibit surface roughness, charred, trash the bad quality

4. 3. Density: extrusion cross section of the insulating layer to compact solid, visible to the naked eye are not permitted pinhole, put an end to the presence of air bubbles.

5. Cable

For multi-core cable in order to ensure the forming degree, reducing the appearance of cable, generally need to be twisted round. Twist mechanism and stranded conductor system similar, larger due to the twisted business section, mostly with no retreat-spiralling. Technical requirements of the cable: one is to eliminate the special-shaped cores stand up and lead to bending of the cable; the second is to prevent the insulating layer is scratched.

Of most of the cables in the cable at the same time with the completion of two other processes: one is filling, ensure that the cable after cable round and stability; one is binding, ensure the cable is not loose.

6. Inner sheath

In order to protect the cores are not hurt by armored 构词成分。, insulating layer needs to be properly protected, inner sheath: extruded trim level (isolation) and wrapped in protective layers (layer). Covered cushion in place with cable ties procedures concurrently.

7. Install armor

For laying underground cables, could come under some pressure at work, select steel tape armoured. Cable has both positive pressure and tension of the occasion (such as large, vertical shafts, or fall in the water in soil), should be used with internal steel wire armored structures.

8. Outer sheath

Outer sheath protecting wire and cable insulation to prevent the erosion of environmental factors of structural elements. Outer sheath's primary role is to improve the wire and cable of the mechanical strength, corrosion-proof, moisture-proof, waterproof, dip, ability to prevent burning. According to the different requirements of use of cable extruder directly extruded plastic sheath.

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