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A Single Fiber Connection Transfer Rates Up To Record 5.6Tbps

A single fiber connection transfer rates up to record 5.6Tbps


Recently, British Telecom and Huawei announced the record-breaking single optical fiber connected to the transmission rate, ie 5.6Tbps.


This rate is implemented on a fiber connection located Ipswich BT Adastral Park Laboratories and BT Tower in London between. This is British Telecom in 2014 to achieve significantly improved 3Tbps rate basis.


British Telecom use of bundled 28 times 200Gbps channels to provide a single overall rate. British Telecom said the rate will be achieved within a second download 200 HD movies.


Although this rate has failed to deliver to the customer, but it proves to achieve optical fiber Internet connection service rate far exceeds the current supply potential.


British Telecom and British Telecom Huawei also between London and Dublin, a 727 one thousand meters in the transport core network part of the line to achieve a rate of 2Tbps. The core network includes between Dublin and Holly Hart 133 one thousand meters without a relay transmission submarine cables.


BT technology, services and executive director of operations, explained Howard Watson, this is a particularly remarkable achievement, it shows the company to catch up with the pace of growth in demand for data.


"Core network is the Internet highway. Our core network to meet the bandwidth demand growth is very important. Today, high-speed fiber-optic broadband, high-definition content, 4G smart phones and tablet PCs, the future 5G services are driving bandwidth demand growth. "Watson said," so we are investing in core technology and high-speed connection technology, such as fiber-optic broadband, so as to ensure that there is no lack of capacity, and provide customers with the best possible rates. "


Since BT efforts to provide ultra-high-speed services for the population as much as possible, the company is also developing technology. This technology enables the copper connection speeds by up to 300Mbps.


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