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Application Range Of Rubber Sheathed Flexible Cables

Rubber sheath cable is widely used in a variety of electrical equipment, such as household appliances, electrical machinery, electrical devices and mobile power cord of the appliance, and can be used indoor or outdoor environments.

According to the cable's mechanical forces, in product structure divided into light, medium and heavy categories. Also has the appropriate link in the section.

Light-duty rubber sheathed cable for use in household electrical appliances, small electrical equipment should be soft, light, good bending properties; medium sized rubber-sheathed cables except for industrial use, but widely used in agricultural electrification, heavy duty cable for port machinery, searchlights, agriculture large hydropower irrigation and drainage pumping stations, and so on. This product has good versatility, a complete series of specifications, performance and stability. Waterproof rubber-sheathed cables and cables for submersible pumps, mainly for the submersible motor.

Rubber sheathed flexible cables

Waterproof rubber-sheathed cables and cables for submersible pumps: mainly used in submersible motor, model JHS,JHSB.

Cables for radio: now mainly produces two types of rubber-sheathed cable (shielded, a no shield), can meet the requirements, and the model is WYHD,WYHDP.

Cable products for photography: with the development of new light sources, with little structure, good performance, and meet the needs of indoor and field work to gradually replace some heavy, heat-resisting performance of older products

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