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Cable Licence System Reform

Some time ago have provided criteria for wire and cable service life of up to 70 years, recent reform of the license of industrial products such as wire and cable systems also concluded.

Production license system is a technical review and policy constraints combined with the access system, through important industrial products such as wire and cable manufacturer, review its ability to guarantee steady production of qualified products, promoting productive enterprises ensure the wire and cable as well as necessary conditions for important industrial products quality and safety and product quality from the source.

Production license system together with the 3C compulsory certification system, constitute important industrial products quality and safety access systems such as wire and cable, quality inspection departments, to perform quality control of this system function, maintain the wire and cable product quality and safety, promote the quality level is significant.

On May 19, in 2015 on the wire and cable product standards, quality and technical seminars, the quality supervision Department of production License Management Office, Xiaobo Li on reform measures, Xiaobo Li with "three maximum and one strengthening" expounds views. 1. the maximum cancellation of licensing program. Through consumer self judgment, market self-regulation can guarantee product quality and safety of products, production approval will be canceled. Implementation of production license management products, further focused on national industrial policy, through supervision and effective guarantee important industrial products quality and safety.

2. maximum decentralization of approval authority. On the big wide, by local management more convenient and effective product, decentralization of the Provincial Bureau of quality and technical supervision, approval and administration; negative listing products on the inclusion of production license for industrial products, except some sensitive products and products relating to industrial policy *, full decentralization of approval authority. Provincial quality and technical supervision departments have conditions on the premise of guaranteed production quality, spirit of enterprise and efficient principles, to delegate production license acceptance, examination and approval (ground) level of quality and technology supervision departments.

3. is the optimal approval process. Cancel part of the on-site verification, production license expiration of application for certificate of the enterprise, without significant changes in production conditions, you can submit a written commitment from the field verification.

4. strengthening supervision. Reform of the administrative examination and approval system is not a simple one. Both determined to cancel the delegation of administrative approval items, thereby reducing the management of micro-economic and research alternatives, strengthening and supervision. Stable and positive production license system reform is to protect wires and cables, and other important industrial products quality and Safety Foundation, through decentralization, the maximum removal of product catalog, thereby enhancing market dynamism.

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