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Cable Wire And Wire

Wide range of wire drawing machines, according to the diameter size of the drawing can be classified as micro machines (wire diameter unit: screen), small Laji (wire diameter: 0. Xmm), wire drawing machines (wire diameter unit: mm), large (diameter: 1X mm) from the wire drawing machines for mechanical structure and internal controls, and can be divided into tank, wheels, straight wire and other major ones. For different requirements, different rules, different metallic materials, you can choose different sizes of wire drawing machinery. In wire manufacturers and high-end materials, material properties, its high precision and drawing stability, so use a more straight line wire drawing machine. Despite drawing process is different, but the process can be divided into line, drawing, taking 3-part process.

Wire line to the whole drawing machine link, no high accuracy requirements under their control, the majority of wire drawing machinery, put the line's operation is via the inverter drive frame, but there are parts of double frequency conversion control of wire drawing machinery, even the thread tension by drawing links draft sent to wire drawing machines, free on line. Drawing aspect is the most important aspect of work drawing machine. Various metal materials, different varieties of silk and requirements, drawing links are very different, the paper detailed analyses and design of automatic control system of straight wire drawing machine. Reel link speed determine the productivity of the whole drawing machine, and most unruly parts of the system as a whole. Reel parts, common control technology with synchronous control and tension control of rolling of metal products.

Special engineering plastics, also known as high-performance engineering plastics, in the long-term working temperature: 150 ℃ and above, can still maintain good mechanical properties, electrical properties and dimensional stability. Most of special engineering plastics flame retardant materials, mainly for the defense, aerospace and high technology-related industries. More excellent performance of special engineering plastics is unique, but most have not been large-scale industrial production, or production on a smaller, relatively narrow, such as fluorine resin (FR), thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU), polysulfone (PSU), polyether ether ketone (PEEK).

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