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Clever Cutter-combining Knife And Cutting Board,making It Easier To Chop Vegetables

If you barely go to the kitchen making dinner.I believe you will worry about if the food would be neat and well-spaced when you pick up the knife and also if you would be hurt by it.With the clever cutter,you don't need to worry any more.It combines knife with the cutting board.And it makes cutting food easy as using scissors.

When using this product you are essentially pushing a knife down onto a flat surface rather than simulating a cutting action. So unless the food item you are slicing is very crisp, the blade tends more to smash the item against the cutting-board side than to slice through it. What you have just cut cannot fall away below the knife because the "board" extends out on both sides. This makes for awkward, unattractive cuts.

Also, if the food you want to slice is very thin -- such as greens for a salad, or other leaf greens -- a pair of kitchen sheers does a much better job because there is the additional sharp side that helps to cut through from the bottom.

You can cut the food/vegetable while cooking.It saves time and can avoid food dropping on the floor.The knife is made of stainless steel,and it is durable and dishwasher safe.Hand part is equipped with a safety lock,in case of accident when not in use.

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