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Cross-strait Status Is Being Destroyed Without The1992 Consensus

Yesterday Taiwan's "Economic Research Institute" published in 2016 Taiwan's GDP growth rate forecast is 0.77%, the economic situation is not optimistic. Faced with Taiwan's economic growth rate is forecast less than 1% of the dilemma, hope the DPP authorities should give priority to economic revitalization, not to politics in command or provoke mainland China.

Taiwan, "Central Daily" reported that the network is well known, to the economic prosperity and development of the most important is the "Internal Harmony" and "external peace", the absence of these two conditions, companies can not invest, people are reluctant to spend, the economy is impossible Get better. However, since 520 DPP seems to Taiwan's "internal harmony" and "external peace" which is gradually worsening.

First, the "Internal Harmony", the DPP came to power pushing the "Regulations of improper party assets", aroused great opposition Kuomintang fight, although the DPP is now in a number of advantages in the third reading of the "Legislative Yuan" by the regulations, but also a complete break with the KMT, the future in the 'Legislative Yuan "DPP and the KMT, I am afraid there is no harmony of the day!

At present, the DPP authorities are ready to build five innovative research and development of industrial clusters, the development plan is part of the need to amend the law to be implemented, is also part of the budget it needs to support in order to achieve, which need a consultation, to rational discussion, to cooperate "Legislative Yuan" to be put in amending the law, or by the implementation of the budget situation. DPP now use a number of advantages, insisted on the "Regulations of improper party assets" so that the deterioration of relations between the two parties, the future of these stake in Taiwan's economic development plan would be difficult in the "Legislative Yuan" by implementing the!

These economic development programs include: first, is the station Nansha Lun-centric "green energy R & D Center"; the second is based on information security in Taipei, Taichung, Kaohsiung aerospace and ship as the center of "industrial clusters"; the third is the Internet of things and smarter products industry as the center, located in Taoyuan "Asian Silicon Valley plan"; the fourth is from the "Academia Sinica" where South Park, to Jhubei biomedical park extends to the Tainan Science Park, forming a line settlement "biotech industry clusters"; the fifth is selected in the precision machinery industry best Taichung, Taiwan plus the energy future ICT and information industry, the development of wisdom, precision machinery "smart precision machinery settlement."

Secondly, the "external peace", although Tsai Ing-wen has repeatedly shown that to maintain the status quo of cross-strait peace and stability, but the DPP various policy seems unsustainable status quo of cross-strait peaceful development, but worsened cross-strait relations, Taiwan's economic development also contributed to making the cast a shadow.

Conspicuous by its big move, Tsai Ing-wen to accept the "Washington Post" interview, said that "requires" the Taiwan government 'against public opinion to accept the so-called' 1992 consensus' deadline is unlikely, "Tsai Ing-wen talk tantamount denied the "1992 consensus" so that cross-strait negotiations are the political basis for the mainland found no longer exists.

Xi said, "1992 consensus" is the basis for cross-strait political negotiations, "a solid foundation, the earth was moving," and director of the Taiwan Affairs Office Zhang Zhijun also said the two sides if there is no "1992 consensus" that the relationship will go through a "stormy" years, and Tsai Ing-wen will talk status quo of cross-strait peace and stability have a tremendous impact.

All in all, housing is to cross-strait peace, the music industry is to economic development, which requires "a harmonious internal" and "external peace" can be achieved, I sincerely recommend that the DPP can promote these two important policy as soon as possible, make every effort to fight economic this is true for the people of Taiwan to seek blessing, but also be worthy of support Taiwan's voters!

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