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Electrical Construction: The Laying Of The Cable Way Which

Cable laying methods are as follows: the buried shallow Groove, pipe laying, laying, cable laying, cable tunnels, overhead laying several ways have advantages and disadvantages, taking into account urban development planning in General, density of cable line laying length number of existing buildings and the surrounding environment and so on. Technically, easy cables through the cable tunnels and in cable trench construction, maintenance and repair. In some developed countries, cities, urban planning and construction, has taken into account the public tunnel. Practice has proved that the public tunnel runs well, greatly reducing the number of repeated investment and repeated excavation of pavement, but the initial huge investment, cost of building materials in China, due to various constraints, this installation method is minimal. In contrast, laying laying is cheap and shallow laying method, direct-buried cable is the most economical and widespread electricity laying method, it applied to the suburbs and traffic do not place too often. But not for cable maintenance and repair, in the event of cable failure, even if you use the tester to measure the point of failure, is to reopen in trenches, extremely inconvenient. Selection of cabling ways, to the actual conditions, according to project conditions, factors such as environment, cable type, quantity and, in a development perspective, according to meet the reliability, ease of maintenance requirements and technical economic and rational principles.

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