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Experts Said:don't Add Bactericide To Humidifier Indiscriminately

Don't add bactericide to humidifier indiscriminately

Recently,the investigation of the "murder" humidifier is reopened in South Korean,involved enterprises have to do apology and propose compensation scheme for the public,but people from all fields still require strict accountability and trace to the end. It is understood that the humidifier "kill" is mainly because of fungicides, experts said, household humidifier can not be used with fungicides indiscriminately, and self-made bactericide also has many security risks.

Although there are no germicides for humidifier in the Korean market,but in China,to purchase foreign humidifier via net and fungicides are still favored by some consumers. The reporter saw that some foreign brands humidifier fungicide are still being sold on the online shopping platform,Experts said that adding this kind of bactericide to humidifier maybe caused by two aspects: on the one hand,disinfectant substances inhaled may cause direct alveolar damage,resulting in pneumonia,on the other hand,the unknown composition additives may will stimulate the immune response in the lungs,lung itself there is an immue barrier with plenty of macrophage,lymphocyte and immunoglobulin. Once exposed to external stimuli,can trigger the body's immune response,cause the emergence of allergic pneumonia.

Previously, there are many cases that "adding" in the humidifier lead to consumers suffering from pneumonia.Experts suggest that is the best not to add any special additives in the humidifier,such as vinegar,this is acidic substances which is likely cause the airway and lung damage worse than the general allergen.

Also some consumers stil will add Banlangen in the humidifier,hope that it can play the role of sterilization for preventing influenza,but experts believe that it is without any scientific basis to do so.Consumers are more interested to buy the aroma diffuser with the same humidification,and the aromatherapy machine is to add essential oils,experts remind,the added oil should be choosed from the normal manufacturer,and there are respiratory sensitive people at home,the varieties of essential oils also should be choosed carefully.In addition,the experts also suggested that household humidifier should not be added other content,should replace the water regularly and do regular disinfection of equipment.

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