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Leaders Of Many Countries Support China's Position On The South China Sea Issue

Recently since the leaders of many countries have expressed support for China's stance on the 

South China Sea issue, and called for peaceful dialogue and consultation to resolve the South 

China Sea disputes.

    Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen said that the South China Sea Arbitration arbitration 

result is "politically motivated." Cambodia will not support such an outcome. He said the 

ambassador of a non-ASEAN countries had tried to persuade Cambodia and other ASEAN countries 

to support the South China Sea Arbitration arbitration result. Hun Sen said that some outside

 force mustered forces against China, "and will bring negative impact on the ASEAN region." 

He called on countries to stop interfering extraterritorial South China Sea issue, the parties 

resolve their differences through bilateral negotiations.

    Malawian President Peter Mutharika said the Malaysian side understands and supports China's 

stance on the South China Sea arbitration case. Malawi and other African countries to support the 

parties concerned to resolve the South China Sea disputes through peaceful negotiation rather than 

resorting to compulsory arbitration.

    Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe said that Zimbabwe firmly supports China's handling of

 the issue of the South China Sea claims that the relevant countries through bilateral dialogue 

for the peaceful settlement of disputes.

    General Secretary of the ruling Democratic Party of Equatorial Guinea Osa believe that the 

South China Sea Philippines unilaterally proposed international arbitration is inappropriate and 

not conducive to peace and stability in the South China Sea.

    Mao Tower Foreign Ministry has issued a statement on the South China Sea issue, China 

supports the government's position, calling for China and the Philippines to seek a peaceful 

solution through direct bilateral negotiations.

    Pakistani President Hussein, President of the Republic of Congo Denis Sassou-Nguesso, 

the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea O'Neal, Tajik President Emomali Rakhmon also expressed 

support for China's stance on the South China Sea issue.

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