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Main Features Metal Insulation Power Cable

Water problems are studied in the research and development of wire and cable, after repeated and prolonged trial can be found, even if sheathing is not damaged, there will still be some water or moisture into the cable in the cable core. Therefore, generally considered the low voltage cable when you apply it in real situations, three-core cable resistance improvement of three single-core structure of water blocking cable better.

We can press the piezo-resistive single-core cable structure, stranding three single-core cables instead of three-core cables are used. Improved later, after improvement of water blocking cable water blocking cable waterblocking will produce better results, and the structure is simple, not only save water materials and costs, and also increases the carrying capacity of the cable and cooling capacity, on the other hand, construction easy to manufacture, easy to install. Most important is to prevent water entering the cable inside, dry cores, further extension of the service life of the cable.

High performance metal insulation power cable's main specifications:

1. technology of power line core indicators:

Conductors should be in line with GB/T3956 1TH and 2nd metal not plated or annealed copper conductor or aluminium, aluminium alloy conductors, or the 5th bare copper or metal-coated annealed copper conductor. Insulation, metal shield (if any), cabling, Interior Designer (if any), armor (if any), protective coverings to meet GB/T12706 standards requirements.

2. split-phase metal sheath technical specification:

After completing phase metal sheath, required to inflate the cable test, test to be met: cable is filled with dry air or nitrogen 50-100kPa, within 3h of the cable length of pressure equalization, pressure within the cable should not be reduced.

3. integrated waterproof cable specifications:

Finished cables, soaked in water for 72 hours, in addition to insulation surface structures of cases, observation of the surface should be dry.

Split-phase metallic shield power cable high resistance water is the manufacturing process is simple, and the performances are excellent, selection is suitable for medium and low voltage cable.

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