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Optical Fiber Cable Production In China Accounts For More Than Half Of The World

A few days ago, seven communication optical cables in China entrepreneur Summit held in Wujiang city, Jiangsu Province. The meeting, the data show that our is from once upon a time is hamstrung by the foreign situation, quickly became a fiber-optic cable capacity and production held 50% shares of "producer". China's independent innovation and integrated innovation of optical fiber and cable industries rapidly improve the level, decisive dominance in the global market.

Optical fiber cable production in China accounts for more than half of the world

Before 2000, most rely on application of optical fibre and cable products and raw materials imports and now, China's optical fiber and cable products in the quality and quantity of great changes have taken place in both.

At the meeting, industry leaders said: "the past 20 years, optical cables in China key enterprises, in order to revitalize national industry, the risk of investment in research and development and high risk, adhere to independent innovation, finally brought about gratifying changes. "Optical cable products from domestic applications to explore the international market, and has formed a fiber optic cable products range of manufacturing systems and light bar, a complete industrial chain of optical fiber, optical cable production.

At present, optical fibre and cable products and raw materials used in our country has basically achieved self-sufficiency, as large data centers with all varieties of fiber optic cable, with the environmental performance of indoor cables, high-speed fiber optic cable cables, power cables, submarine cables and other special fiber optic cable products can be self made.

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