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Power Cable And Its Basic Structure

Power cable has been used for hundreds of years. In 1879, the United States inventor T.A. Edison in the copper-wrapped jute on the rod and put it into iron pipes, and fill in asphalt mixture cable. He cable in New York, founded the underground transmission. The following year, the Englishman James Thomson Callender invention of asphalt impregnated paper insulated power cables. In 1889, the British S.Z. Phelan ladder in London between Deptford and equipped with a 10,000 volt oil-impregnated paper insulated cables. In 1908, the United Kingdom completed 20,000-volt cable network. Power cables have been widely used. In 1911, Germany laid into a 60,000 volt high voltage cables, and began development of the high-voltage cable. In 1913, the Germans m. development ingredients of huoxishitaite shielded cable, improving electric field distribution inside the cable, eliminating the insulated surface tangential stress, a milestone in the development of power cables. In 1952, Sweden in the North power plant equipped with a 380,000-volt extra high voltage cables, achieving extra high voltage cable applications. Made 1.1 million to 80 volts, 1.2 million volts of ultra high voltage power cables.

Basic structure

The basic structure consists of core power cable (conductor), insulation, shield and cover four parts.

(1) core

Core is the conductive parts of the power cable, used to transport electricity, is the main part of the power cable.

(2) insulation

Insulating layer consists of core and Earth and between phase conductors in the electrically isolated from each other to ensure energy, is an indispensable component of power cable.

(3) shielding

Conductors of power cable 15KV and above are generally shield and insulation shield.

(4) protective layer

Cover's role is to protect the power cable from the external impurities and moisture intrusion, and to prevent external forces directly damage the power cable.

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