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Silicone Spatulas

silicone spatulas combines the flexibility of a traditional rubber spatula with the heat-resistant qualities of a metal kitchen utensil. Spatulas are especially useful for mixing wet and dry ingredients together, as well as scraping the sides of mixing bowls. Silicone is especially suited for these kitchen tasks because of its smooth edges and sturdiness. When buying silicone tools, look for higher heat ratings - it makes them more functional for use in skillets and hot pans.

However, the handles or other parts of silicone kitchen tools may not be as heat resistant and care is needed when using these. Silicone kitchen tools are also resistant to discoloring and cool down very quickly.

While some silicone tool handles are plastic which makes them very easy to remove and clean, wooden handles would be sturdier, but need more care and cleaning, and must be dried completely to avoid a bacteria build-up on the inserted part of the tool.

As far as pricing goes, they are just slightly more expensive than their counterparts, but with heat resistant features, they’ll be around a lot longer. It can be difficult to differentiate between a smooth and flexible poly and heat-rated silicone. When in doubt and if there is no product information, treat these utensils with extra care and do not use where there's reasonable heat.

Silicone tongs are practical heat-rated utensils. Since they won't scratch, they are ideal for removing and serving foods from a nonstick cooker, fryer, or griddle. If you like using nonstick cooking vessels, equip your kitchen with essential silicone utensils.

Silicone spatulas are quickly replacing plastic in many kitchens though some still have a variety of these handy kitchen tools. Silicone has a certain amount of flexibility, which is very nice for flipping pancakes or sliding under the eggs and is more durable than plastic, so no wonder they are so popular.

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