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Single Cable And Two-lead Cable What Is The Difference?

There are two main differences two cables, the first difference is seen, the second difference is invisible.

1, see the difference:

Due to the characteristics of twin-lead cable, construction, than single cables for easy installation.

Single power supply at both ends of the cable needs to be connected, so pull back at the end to consider when laying the cable wiring, which in many cases can be difficult operation, if the room is large, cable is long room size is very small, paved area limited room complex is not linear, but by more than one line, such as on the side wall.

Two-lead cable is not required to consider this issue. Because the cable itself as a circuit, all the wiring on the same side, in construction, as long as the power supply terminal connection, does not require wiring of the rear end can be arbitrarily placed under the circumstances, significantly reduced the difficulty of cable construction, expanded the applicability of ground heating cable.

2, see the difference

Two-lead cable compared with single cables visible difference is apparent, but more is invisible difference--there is no electromagnetic radiation. Effects of electromagnetic radiation of electric floor heating customers health is very important.

Scientific research shows that the body in the electric and magnetic fields, electromagnetic radiation, human functioning organization will be hurt. In order to eliminate the influence of magnetic field current, European associations in the construction industry launched the industry standard, well-defined and single hot wire cables (cables) are not allowed in indoor heating. Single cables is limited to outdoor ice-melting snow and pipe heat tracing.

Why single cables with double magnetic radiation cable there is no magnetic radiation?

This is determined by the structure of their internal heat.

Knowledge of physics knows, conductor current, generates a certain intensity of magnetic field. Direction of the magnetic field by the amperes rule (also known as the left-handed screw rule) have been determined.

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