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The Journey Of Our Team In May

We were just back from ALPS snowworld, can’t waiting sharing our delightful time with you.


Let us introduce this place first:ALPS snowworld, with the theme of "Journey of snow and ice " , which is the largest icy recreation place in china .  combined of landscape and the Shenzhen Windows of the world, with a total construction area for 6100 square meters, of which the ice area is about 2400 square meters, the average height is 14 meters, real ice skating rink, No doubt that APLS snowworld is a wonderful place .


It was very cold there, freezing, snowing, but interesting. Yes! Cold! Temperature of outside is 27 ~ 31 ,very  hot , but  inside, blistering cold(minus ten degrees centigrade) about 4 hours in ALPS .

Allow me to share some pictures with you .

Picture A ,we were still in summer : ^_^

Piture B , in winter :*_* we are skiing .

Next two pictures : at icy house 

In a word, it is a fantastic experience to  go through two seasons in one day , especially , with our colleagues . looking forward to the next team travel . ^_^ 



                    May 29th,2016


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