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The Made In China And Rio Olympic

During the Olympics, the Olympic Park this connection, the Olympic Village and the city's subway plan transported 300,000 people per day.

Brazil's acting president Temer on July 30 is designed for the construction of Metro Line 4 of the Olympic opening in Rio de Janeiro, the most expensive, the longest period of time for the project was finally completed four days before the Olympic Games, August 1 officially open operations.

Brazil became the acting president Temer Line 4 of the first passengers.

Rio municipal and state governments a total cost of $ 4.471 billion in the transformation of the Olympic preparatory transportation, only two-thirds of the total funding of the subway, in addition to the city of Rio also built a light rail, two new rapid transit line, and transformation of the existing subway station and several city roads.

Rio Metro Line 4 is also in recent years, Latin America's largest urban infrastructure project, the project by the start of 2010, took six years to create direct and indirect jobs 30,000. Because of the special status of landscape, the middle of high mountains, the construction process encountered many difficulties. About 340 companies and 200 experts and consultants involved in the subway construction related work.

It is worth noting that the No. 4 subway line running trains are all made in China, the Chinese production train in Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd. during the Olympics will be safe for trains to protect the quality of the daily work of eight when the 24-day to work, will be implemented early in the evening three shifts to ensure that vehicles zero fault library, zero failures back to the library.

The construction of the Rio Metro Line 4.

This connection Baja Olympic Park and the city's Metro Line 4 of the Rio plan along the coastal road construction transport 300,000 people a day, reducing daily peak of 2000 vehicles on the road, so from downtown Rio to the Olympics shorten the core area of about half an hour with time.

But Metro Line 4 after August 1 officially operational only Olympic accreditation documents held by the reception staff, after the 5th Olympic opening, holding Olympic tickets audience can take, and the general public in the end of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in September after the order to experience this new line.

In the 2016 Olympics What about Made in China?

Made in China: Beijing Hua Jiangwen Development Co. 2.5 million custom mascot dolls from China flying to Rio.

Made in China: Zhuhai Gree Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. production. Rio Olympic sports venues and the athletes village, air-conditioning equipment is manufactured by Gree. Gree in 1998 to enter the Brazilian market, in 2001 to set up factories, it is currently ranked the top three market share in Brazil.

Made in China: Shenzhen Hytera (Hytera) company. They provide about 1200 sets of digital radio hand sets, and enhanced virtual cluster number of sets of independent intellectual property rights for the tournament.

China Manufacturing: Nuctech and Zhejiang Dahua production. During the tournament, more than 200 sets of equipment imported from China will successfully host the Olympic Games security escort.

Made in China: Sanliuyidu International Limited. 361 ° is also Rio Olympics and technical officers, medical personnel, tournament staff, other staff, and all official competitions Paralympic test events providing a range of professional sports equipment.

Made in China: Wuyi Kim Yu Textile Industrial Company. No matter which country rising from the podium of the national flag, it is made in China.

China Manufacturing: Jinling sports production. Volleyball court of "Made in China" is no longer just a women's volleyball girls.

Made in China: Hebei Botou Zhang hole barbell company. These two "Made in China" is a landmark, they are breaking the foreign brands of sports equipment for volleyball and weightlifting competition monopoly.

Saying the German team developed called Chinese table tennis team beat black technology, he invented a KUKA robot can play table tennis, beating the Boer!

Today, the United States has acquired a 72.18% stake in the company KUKA, the robot will also be labeled "Made in China" label.

Chinese manufacturing where is the future?

According to the German "Handelsblatt" on July 28 reported that Chinese companies have undergone significant changes - no brand, cheap price, this was the standard features of Chinese goods, but this has become history. Today, design and brand become the primary goal of many Chinese companies. Which hit before the array of electronic products and e-commerce businesses.

TV manufacturer Hisense European Cup this summer, the 56-year history of China's first top sponsors. And other home appliances manufacturer Haier and Midea is also committed to become an international brand.

Chinese Internet companies in the world has become more famous. Alibaba to its payment service Alipay to a German store checkout. The group first aim is to want a smartphone shopping heart of Chinese tourists on the road.

In the long run, this will also give the European e-commerce companies to provide services. Internet companies Tencent micro-channel chat software attempts to increase its global prestige.

Reports and analysis, the rise of Chinese enterprises for three reasons:

First, the good quality. Chinese manufacturers now have the ability to manufacture high-quality products, while the international brand advantage narrowing. Providing the same quality of the products, Chinese manufacturers doing a better job, which is to impress the customer's basic premise. The best example is the Shenzhen Dajiang companies. With good technology, the rise of the Chinese company for civilian UAV market leader. Today, three-quarters sold worldwide UAV is manufactured by the Chinese people.

Second, adequate funding. In the past few years, companies in China pocketed the money and can afford costly advertising campaign. Smart phone manufacturers millet companies spend a lot of money to advertise in order to advertise their products in Asia, the US and Europe.

Third, the weak domestic market. Since the Chinese bid farewell to the turbine growth since the business began to reverse direction. This has a 1.4 billion-strong population is still an important sales market, but companies are increasingly aware of the need to focus more on the global market in order to ensure long-term growth. Many companies are starting to newly industrialized countries, but Huawei showed that Chinese enterprises can also be based on the mature markets like Europe.

All these have had an impact on Europe. "Made in China" has gradually become the trademark from cheap quality brand. Electronic products and e-commerce company's success is just the beginning, consumer goods manufacturers might follow. European companies must adapt to this. At present European products in China is also renowned. But if you want to beat the Chinese rising star of European companies in addition to the resounding brand and good quality, but also must provide something more - both also in the European home market in China.

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