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The Safety Comparision:is The Aroma Diffuser Better?or The Traditional Aromatherapy Candle?

The safety comparision:is the aroma diffuser better?or the traditional aromatherapy candle?

When speaking of aromatherapy,everyone is thinking of the flames and diffuse fragrance,warm feeling arise spontaneously.That is the common aromatherapy candle.Many white-collar workers have aromatherapy candles.First,to adorn life atmosphere,adjust the interest in life.Second,relieve the tense and busy in life with the aromatic. Most people think it is very affordable to create a relaxed environment at such a low cost.

Later,the aroma diffuser was designed and produced,it also can diffuse fragrance,embellish life,relieve tension.

But why should we choose aromatherapy machine?

Let's make some comparisions between the aromatherapy candles and aroma diffuser:

1,Security.2,Effect of aromatic therapy.3,Function.

Security comparison.

First,as a consumer,the first thing we need to consider is the security,after all,it is the product that we used frequently. Safety first.

Aromatherapy candle

1.Aromatherapy candle,with open flames,it is dangerous to put it at the side of us,it will fire accidentally,and when in use,people must stare at it to prevent the risk of fire.So the aromatherapy candle must be placed in some place fireproof place.Bedroom,the bed,the window is not recommended for placing aromatherapy candle.

2. The flame combustion process requires oxygen,candles burning process also release carbon monoxide and other harmful substances,makes us easy to dizziness,chest tightness or dysemesia and so on,the worse will be severe hypoxia.It may affect our body organs after using for a long time.So after burning 1-2 hours,the aromatherapy candle must be stop burning,and keep indoor air circulation. 

3.Burning candles should be placed in a fireproof container,the containers will be hot,easily be upset and injured due to the hot.So if you wanna move the container,it is necessary to make sure it is cooled.When in use, to avoid touching the container.

4 Many of the aromatherapy candles are very nice,with  light fragrance.Children are easy to eat them by mistake. So aromatherapy cadles must be placed in somewhere that can't be reached by pets and children.It is recommended not to use aromatherapy candles when there are pets and children at home.

Aroma diffuser

1,Aroma diffuser,without open flames,no risk of fire.And low voltage,low risk.Aromatherapy machine with waterless protection function,when it is no water,it will power-off automatically.And there is a timer function,easily to sleep well at night.

2.Run the aromatherapy diffuser,atomize the oil and water,to do the humidification and moisture of space,it is conducive to the moisture of our body and skin.And at the same time the release of negative ions can purify the air, optimize the quality of our air,ease the pressure of our lungs.

3 When the aromatherapy diffuser is running,it is also very convenient to move it,not hot.Cleaning is also very convenient.It can be placed in any place.No need to worried about the naughty children and pets at home,no need to worry about scalding or burning.

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