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Touch Sense Switch Foldable Led Lights Rechargeable Led Table Lamp

Touch sense switch Foldable led lights rechargeable led table lamp


Product Description

 LED light source lighting everywhere through reflector panel and refracting to the soft board to bring your eyes feel more comfortable! It looks elegent no matter where you place it. Using the silicone rubber base to connect the metal case and panel light base. That seems more eco-friendly. Easily to use, soft touch-Sensitive control panel on the base of the lamp.

Extremely durable LED panel will last over 50,000hrs (no splash screen and no dazzling will take god care of your eyes). Comes with 28 LEDs and a built-in 2000mAh high quality Li-Polymer battery. 3 hrs charging time will result in a up to 30 hours runtime.

You can use it everywhere and its easily charging by usb port. The plug-in charging cable can supply power and charge battery in the same time. Also there has a LED Indicator of charge and low battery.

Light Modes Adjust Color Temperature into: Warm White, Cool White, Neutral White. The 6-Level Dimmer can freely adjust the strength of brightness. Preserves your eyes at night by selecting a comfortable working or reading atmosphere.


Gift box is very unique,open it you will see the useful visual test chart. Testing your eyesight anytime you need.




1. Output overcurrent and overvoltage protection .
2. Unique design and angle can be easily bent.
3. Intelligent output recognition.
4. Radiation protection(less than 1/20 of the standard). 
5. Energy saving.
6. Output anti-intrusion protection
7. Static protection
8. Spectral security
9. Blu-ray protection

10.Eco-friendy product for indoor and outdoor use.


Product Name.

Touch sense switch Foldable led lights rechargeable led table lamp

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Net Weight.



Panel can be bent at any angle & gift package


Aluminum & Silicone Rubber




Three colors for you







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