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US Presidential Election Results Announced On Chinese And Global Markets In November?

US presidential election results announced on Chinese and global markets in November?


First Gold network June 27 hearing, the second half of this year, a number of countries will usher in an important election, in which most attention is naturally the US presidential election. Previous US presidential election have caused noticeable influence on the global economy, in this, the author analyzed the financial impact of the US presidential election, then US presidential election coming up, so the latter part of the financial markets will be?

The Fed, as the world's most influential financial institutions, which each decision affects all financial markets nervous, and in most cases, determines the global economic trends. And Trump would have said in November last year, Yellen "highly politicized", the Fed rate hike will bring "a lot of bad things."

US presidential election results announced on Chinese and global markets in November?

US presidential election have any impact on the overall market?

This year is the quadrennial US presidential election, the election will bring some impact on the market, the US presidential election has brought economic and political uncertainty, this situation will continue for some time; at the end of July, parties National Congress will be held, and now the end of July this period, the uncertainty will be high. The stock market will be very volatile dollar may be subject to pressure, and thus gold and silver trend will be stronger.

When the congress was held, they put into the election Straight, high probability Hillary vs. Trump. Whoever lead, during the election campaign on the stock market is suppressed, also against the dollar, while gold is the opposite. Because of the uncertainty of the election, unfavorable US economy, after the election ended, gold prices may jump until the elected person is seated and began to implement its policies.

US presidential election have any effect on the price of gold and oil prices?

US presidential election results announced on Chinese and global markets in November?

US presidential election, the United States affected by the political situation in Europe and the UK off factors. Currently stronger gold price, as well as the new policy of the US President's Council of uncertainty, the favorable performance of the current price of gold to 11-month period, 11 months after the price of gold or come down. If Hillary is elected, the US policy will not greatly changed, or the price of gold will fall; if elected Trump, uncertainty will continue for some time, have the opportunity to rise in the gold price.

In regard to oil prices, the two candidates to support cooperation policies the United States oil industry, unfavorable international oil producers between the two is where Sandy Arabia and the United States. Thus, oil prices may not continue to rise, the market to support the US oil industry's expectations of the two candidates will make oil prices.

US presidential election have any impact on the stock and currency markets?

US presidential election results announced on Chinese and global markets in November?

Wall Street is now at the top, not at the current level again rose sharply in the third quarter 2015 was US stocks staged a high point, the stock market for some time will be rampant or lower. US presidential election is exacerbated pessimism about the US economy, which is unfavorable stock market movements, and therefore do not think that stocks will walk a new high, stocks are not as strong as in May, it is a good opportunity to go short.

On the foreign exchange markets, the dollar will remain relatively strong, will not continue as in the past year and a half like a rose, but will not fall sharply, because the US economy compared to most of the country is strong. Meanwhile, global investors are still investing in hot red dollar, stocks and real estate, so the dollar will not fall sharply.

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