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Why Should Cable Maintenance

Cable length of, depends on the quality of the cable and cable installation environment. Depends mainly on the outside layer of wrapping the cable insulation, for a long time, corrosion of corrosive gas, insulation decreases gradually, gradually hardened, brittle or falls off. Cable loss of insulation performance is very dangerous, and if the two cables are touching together or FireWire touch something connected with the Earth, it will leak electricity, the local temperature of the wires, spark, causing fire. So pay attention:

A, cables, not exposed to moisture, heat, corrosion or scratches.

Second, cable to a certain number of years you want to check, and found problems, should be replaced immediately.

Third, the cables do not overload.

Four, always check the electrical and wiring in your home, use of timely maintenance and repair.

Five, for older buildings in line, found drowned in water or get wet, especially the line fell into disrepair aging should be repair electrician immediately.

Six, for easy to flood-soaked lines, electrical migration routes should be requested, elevated, moisture-proof measures taken.

Seven, rainy days such as blackout should immediately cut off the power, electrician to check the reason and sent to be secured.

Cable equipment maintenance methods

Around 1, mechanical cleaning clean at any time, the ground is not contaminated, water or falling materials or products on the ground, by a concentration of waste products in the production, and processing;

2, wipe clean the surface of the machine and the machine is nice, first see is the machine the surface is always clean, tools are placed according to regulations, whether placing the items should not be placed on the surface of the machine;

3, lubricating oil and cooling oil added as required, and check that the system is open;

4, during the machine's operation, are there any abnormal noise or vibration, and regular inspection of fasteners tightened;

5, use the drive belt is loose or deteriorated should be replaced;

6, all machine safety gate, safety bar coral, safety cover, safety switches, full normal limit device is effective;

7, according to the inspection card requires the operator must do "three", "four"; that is, to manage and use good, nice; use, inspection, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

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